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Future strategy: Modi reveals contours of party’s foreign policy

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NEW DEHLI:In a clear indication of the foreign policy Narendra Modi would pursue if the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance came to power, the Hindu nationalist said that the demographics of diplomacy has changed in the post-globalisation era.

HunzaNews April 19th, 2014.

“Today India needs to work on trade, commerce and technology with other nations, including US,” Modi said in an interview to an Indian news channel, CNBC Awaaz.

BJP’s manifesto promises to champion uniform political opinion on matters related to terrorism and global warming.

The manifesto pledges to “engage proactively on our own with countries in the neighbourhood and beyond,” adding, “In our neighbourhood we will pursue friendly relations. However, when required we will not hesitate from taking strong stands and steps.”

Narendra Modi said he was prepared to ‘face defeat’ but would not practice politics of identity.

He also offered to face a probe if any corruption allegations are levelled against him as prime minister.

“I will not make any appeal to Hindus or Muslims but to the entire 125 crore people of India. If it suits them, then it is fine.

Modi said the party would focus on improving the economy. He added he was not pro corporate houses, however said that “if India needed to be developed, everyone had to be encouraged to do their bit”.

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