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Probe begins against influentials over ‘exploitation’ of young girls.

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ISLAMABAD: The law enforcement agencies including the police have commenced an investigation against the blackmailing and exploitation of young girls hailing from the northern areas by five members of the Legislative Assembly and senior bureaucrats of the Gilgit Baltistan government.

The cruelty with the constrained girls of Gilgit Baltistan was revealed when a case No 23/2016 was registered at Shalimar Police Station after the kidnapping of a 14-year old girl and the police had arrested two accused Wasif and Nadeem and unearthed many hidden facts in the case. During the course of the investigation both the accused told the police that some powerful personalities from Gilgit Baltistan were involved in the heinous crime.

The abducted girl was recovered from the farm house of a wealthy and influential businessman of the federal capital.

They also informed the police the girl was handed over to that man for Rs 70,000 for a whole month. When the police raid a house at Gulzar-e-Quaid, six other girls were also recovered. When both the culprits were sent to jail on judicial remand, the police had some underhand deal with the culprits and prepared a weak case due to which they were released on bail. The police instead of moving the case forward had put it in the doldrums, on the desire of some influential people. On the revelation of Daily Times the law enforcement agencies took all the record regarding the case into custody and extended the circle of
the probe.

The Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan, Hafiz Hafiz-ur-Rehman, just to save the skin of his friends has used his good office to get the story published in the local papers of Gilgit Baltistan, that Daily Times had sought pardon on its story, but as a matter of fact the story was quite true and it was very much discussed everywhere.

The details showed that the issue of supplying the girls on a monthly basis to the members of the Legislative Assembly had become a headache for the GB government.

Reliable sources from an esteemed law enforcement agency told Daily Times that they had taken all the records of the case from Shalimar Police Station. Now the process of verifying the names of the people involved in it by investigating police officer is under way and now it would be taken to its logical end soon.

The police sources said that the arrested culprits had recorded their statements that the constrained girls from the circumstances were brought form Gilgit, Astore and Hunza on the pretext of being given scholarships to them in Islamabad.

Latter on they were handed over to prominent persons. In this regard a girl fled and took refuge in a girl’s hostel. She also told this reporter on the condition of anonymity that she was also given to a powerful

The police also added that a notorious brothel house runner, Saleem in the F-11 Sector of Islamabad, was also involved in the case but the police had not nabbed him due to his some secret “services” to the officers of Capital Territory Police.

Rawalpindi Police had also arrested another person Aslam, who belongs to Gilgit, in the case. But it used his disclosures as a ‘gold mine’. It is pertinent to mention here that the Shalimar Police is saying that it did not drop the case into cold storage but their investigations are going on.

Reporter:- Shabbir Siham Crime Reporter
Via:- Daily Times

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