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Karachi: Child Abuse and Role of Civil Society discussed at awareness session organized by KAISWO

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Karachi – Khanaabad Ismailia Students Welfare Organization (KAISWO) Karachi which is a Federating Unit of Hunza Gilgit Ismaili Students Federation (HGISF) organized an awareness session on a less talked theme “Child Abuse and Role of Civil Society”. The Session was organized on the Sunday 28th December to raise various preventive measures and to create awareness among various segments of society. The session was attended by a huge number of audience that include Parents, Teachers, students and children. KAISWO took the initiative after the occurrence of a heart wrenching incident in Gilgit Baltistan, the organization of such an event was the need of time. The last part of the session was totally dedicated to “Careers in non-clinical sciences” and soothing music of Gilgit Baltistan. 

HunzaNews, 30th December 2014

The session was conducted by specialized facilitators as the issue is very sensitive specially according to our part of the society and moreover this informative session was first of its kind therefore the facilitators did a commendable job by passing maximum information in the defined parameters. The topic of Child abuse was facilitated by Dr Sana Darvesh who is working as Manager Sexual and Reproductive health with Aahung a Karachi based non-profit organization which aims to improve the Reproductive Health (RH) of men, women, and adolescents across Pakistan. Dr Sana emphasized on the need of teaching children what abuse actually is, by giving them proper guidance and information about good touch bad touch. The other part of the session was regarding role of civil society in preventing child abuse, this part was facilitated by renowned clinical psychologist Dr Naureen Baig who is working with Anti Narcotic Force Government of Sindh, the focal point of her address was the role of civil society in preventing and eradicating this menace from our society. The speaker chalked out various solutions like parent, community and children engagement in devising strategies regarding child abuse, and to create awareness among adults so that they can train children to recognize warning signs of abuse.
The last part of session was a great blend of career counseling and refreshing music. The speaker of Careers in non-clinical sciences was Engineer Ghulam Ishaque Khan who is working as Auditor with Ministry of Health Abu Dhabi, this part was a golden opportunity for students and mid-career professionals to explore new horizons of careers. The speaker explored numerous careers in health sciences which has nothing to do with clinics like Actuarial Sciences, Interior Designing, Health Auditors, Health Policies & procedures. At end of their lectures panel of speakers conducted a fruitful question and answer session to address the queries from audience.
During the session audience were enthralled and fascinated by musicians and performing artists, the performers were represented by renowned musician and singer Islam Habib, Shouq Band, Harmony Theatre Group and Jiwani Development Center.
While concluding the session President KAISWO Mr. Muhammad Karim Damino appreciated the presence of huge audience and promised to cover less talked topics in a series of follow-up sessions. In his address the President pledged support of civil society in preventing child abuse. The President concluded session with an extract from His Highness the Aga Khans address to Canadian Parliament “I believe that civil society is one of the most powerful forces in our time – one that will become an increasingly universal influence, engulfing more countries, influencing, reshaping and sometimes even replacing ineffective regimes.”

Speaker: Dr Naureen Baig Addressing the audience

Honourary Guest and Audience.

Speaker: Dr Sana Durvash

Speaker Engineer Ghulam Ishaque

Shouq Band Performing.

Performing art by Jiwani Development Center.

Performing art by The Harmony Theatre Group.

Speaker Dr Naureen Baig

Speaker Dr Sana Durvesh

Shouq Band and Islam Habib performing live music.

Guest of Honour Syed Alam – Tourism Entrepreneur

Guest of Honour Khush Ahmed Din – Honnourary Secretary Shinaki Society.

Shahzad Baig – Chairman HGISF.

Honourary Guest Tasawurul Karim Baig

Welcome Speech by Sarfaraz Hamza – Information Secretary KAISWO.

Vote of thanks by M.Karim Damino – President KAISWO.


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