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In the meantime: G-B all set for interim cabinet of technocrats

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GILGIT: Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) is all set to introduce a non-political interim government to ensure free and fair elections are held next year.

HunaNews, December 27th, 2014.

Speaking in Darel Valley, G-B Interim Chief Minister Sher Jehan Mir said on Friday that cabinet members would be free of political affiliations. He added they would be selected once the amended governance order is made available to him.

One of the recent critics of a ‘technocratic government’ was former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf president Javed Hashmi. He managed to trigger a debate over whether the Constitution of Pakistan had any provision for such a set up.

Hashmi raised his voice against a technocratic government when PTI Chairman Imran Khan demanded it replace Nawaz Sharif’s regime. When Khan took his words back, Hashmi returned to PTI, only to leave it for good a while later.


Former deputy speaker of the G-B legislative assembly Jamil Ahmed said the interim government is bound to hold elections within 90 days.

“This has been made possible through a recent amendment made in the Governance Order 2009,” Ahmed told reporters on Friday. “Previously, the interim government had a 60-day period to hold elections. That has been increased to 90 days,” he said.

The caretaker chief minister assured that elections would be held within 90 days once some problems with the computerised electoral lists were resolved.

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