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Breast cancer awareness.

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[author image=”” ]Saadia Khan A paediatric resident at the Children’s Hospital and Institute of Child Health, Multan, she has a keen interest in preventative paediatric medicine and community work, and tweets as@drkhanchc ([/author]
Breast cancer is the worldwide leading cause of death in women above 40 years. One in every eight women died of breast cancer .It is considered as disease of adulthood and our younger female population does not take it seriously as the documented risk of having breast cancer is 7% but now cases have been also detected in teenagers and numbers are increasing day by day in youngsters.
Pakistan has highest rate of breast cancer than other Asian countries and it contributes 40,000 deaths per year. Nearly, 90,000 cases are diagnosed each year with breast cancer and surely there will be a lot of undiagnosed cases.
The purpose of focusing on screening and prevention is that if breast cancer detected in early stages there is more than 90% chance of survival for effected female. Self breast cancer examination is an easy, cost effective tool for early detection of underlying disease. It just takes your few minutes for yourself and even you have not to spend a penny for that. Every female should start breast self examination in their twenties.
Early diagnosis means life and late diagnosis can lead towards death. Stop hesitation, if find some problem consult your physician before the condition gets worsen and it gets too late.
Danger signs to look for are
1-Feeling a lump or mass in breast or underarm.
2-Swelling, tenderness, increased in temperature or redness of skin over breast.
3-Darkening of skin of breast.
4-Dimpling or puckering, pulling of skin of breast or nipple.
5-Itching, rash over nipples or discharge from the breast especially blood stained.
6-Persistant pain in breast.
How to Screen?
If you are at highest risk of having breast cancer your doctor is best guide for you to select best screening test for you. Females with average risk of having breast cancer should have mammogram done every year starting at the age of 40 years. Clinical breast examination should be done at least every 3 years starting at age 20 and every year starting at age of 40.
What to do?
Eat healthy food .Add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. Take protein in the form of fish, chicken and pulses. Prefer whole grain and vegetable oils. Do not take alcohol and avoid smoking, soft drinks, and refined carbohydrates and fatty meals. Take care of your weight. Physical activity reduces the breast cancer risk by 10-30 %.Moderate exercise like 3o minute walk 5 days a week is enough. So, keep yourself mobile. Breast fed your baby as it has protective effect against cancer.
The best protection is early detection.

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