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World breast feeding week.2014

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[author image=”” ]DR Saadia Khan A paediatric resident at the Children’s Hospital and Institute of Child Health, Multan, she has a keen interest in preventative paediatric medicine and community work, and tweets as@drkhanchc ([/author]

Dilemma of breast feeding

Samina, 18 years old mother of 40 days old baby girl started weeping when I asked about feeding history of her poorly thriving baby. She told that her mother in law considers her as a culprit for the death of her first baby who was breast fed and now does not allow her to breast fed her second issue due to the fear of poisonous breast milk.


It is very easy to incorporate your thoughts to an empty mind but it’s very difficult to incorporate in pre-occupied and already stuffed mind because first of all we have to empty and erase all customary thoughts and then enter new one. I face this situation on daily basis when I counsel about breast feeding as all of them are pre-occupied with a lot of fears and disbeliefs regarding breast feeding.
It’s really a dilemma and often offends me that how long it has taken to stuff their brains with anti breast feeding materials that they are not accepting any thing regarding breast feeding. So it’s a time to wipe out all their fears and restart with benefits of breast feeding.
It’s a little effort to tackle and deal with myths regarding breast feeding. Breast milk is nature’s Ist gift and immunization to child. Children who are exclusively breastfed for first six months of life are 14 times more likely to survive than non –breast fed children. I n Pakistan exclusive breast feeding rate for six months is just 37%.

Breast feeding is very precious gift for the babies of mammals that come along with them. Human beings are only mammals borrowing milk from other mammals (Cow, Buffalo and Goat). It seems amazing that elder women are more anti to breast feeding rather than to guide young females about breast feeding. It’s a time to wake up before breast feeding becomes the part of ancient stories.

Various myths are:

1-Breast milk is poisonous.

It is the common and important reason to quit breast feeding in our set up and the credit goes to quacks. Some fake types of tests are done on breast milk now and then and breast milk is declared to be poisonous and mothers are asked to stop breastfeeding and baby switches to formula feed (Everyone has his/her own favorite formula (one from which getting benefits).

Mokora dipping test is very favourite test in our country and milk proves to be poisonous if Mr .Makora dies after dipping in milk and little poor baby will be abided of breast milk and adopts by cattle for rest life. I can guarantee that Mr.Makora will also die if you drop it in water.

2- I have no milk.

Milk production is the game of nerves. It will start formulating the day you plan to breast fed your baby. Most of the women plan to buy pacifiers, feeders and formula feed during pregnancy rather to get know about breast feeding techniques and its benefits.

4-Frequent feeding can cause poor and unsuccessful nursing.

It’s totally wrong. More babies suckle feed more milk will be formed for baby and milk ejection reflex operates well.

6- Wrong concepts regarding duration and timing of feed

Improper duration and timing of feed is a main reason why the exclusive breast fed child not thrive. Mother should breast fed 3hourly to newborn as milk production declines with restricted and infrequent feeding and should be given for half hour at least as newborn takes more time to establish let down reflex.

7-Poor weight gain with breast feed.

Failure to thrive is main reason to switch the child to bottle and formula feed. Breast milk is not responsible either duration, timing or feeding technique is wrong or there is some underline pathology. So, consult doctor rather to buy formula feed.

8-Iam too weak to nurse my baby.

Studies have proved that even malnourished mothers have sufficient and good quality of milk to nurse. Stress, fatigue and malnutrition rarely affect milk supply.

9-We are poor and not afford milk and expensive dietary products to make milk.

A healthy and balance diet is all that is needed .Go with vegetables, grains and available poultry and fruits. Say no to thaanda, garam concepts and fear of spices.

Does  cow drink milk to produce milk or  are there some  special diet charts for lactating cow?

11-Iam pregnant.

Pregnancy is not contraindication to breast feeding. A mother can nurse two kids at a time as she nurtures to twins.

12-Kaala yarkan phobia.

Hepatitis B and  C are very common but not contraindication of breast feeding for children of third world countries.

13-Anatomy of breast.

Milk production has nothing to do with size of breast and shape of nipples.

14-Bad milk causes mastitis and sore nipples:

It’s not milk that causes these problems rather poor feeding techniques that contributes.

15-will affect my shape and size:

Breast feeding burns calories and bring you in shape.

Breast milk is the real essence for the life of your baby to thrive and cognate. So it’s time to demyth our society and to give awareness regarding breast feeding.







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