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Well done wheat ….you made us brothers!

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By: Muhammad Nazi khan

As usual to day when I opened my Facebook ID I surprised and became so glad! because I was seeing a unbelievable seen which was never seen before in my mother land Gilgit wheatBaltistan, where is a rally of the different groups and distinguish sects like Sunnis Shia ismailia and noorbakhshia have gathered on one platform and they were demanding their rights (including subsidy and political rights ) which were being violated since a long time !it was a very shocking news for me because it was not seen before ,so I thanked to my Almighty Allah first, then to wheat which has made us brothers! And my heart was repeating doctor Iqbal’s poetry when he said:
Invasion of the West made Muslims ( truly) Muslims
,((مسلماں کو مسلماں کردیا طوفان مغرب نے)
Thus (with the due apologies to the soul of Iqbal may Allah rest him in jnah ) I have remembered same poetry but with little bit changing ) and hummed :
‘’ wheat made us brother! ,

Perhaps many of the readers do not know that the Gilgit Baltistan (in my opinion) is a piece of heaven on the earth, because it has a very different and outstanding location, (because it’s located in one side between the great Himalayan ranges. The Himalayas are formed 200 million years ago by the collision of two continental plates’ Indian plate and Asian plate. There are more than 40 peaks in the area which have more than 14000 feet height and in other side its borders are touching four countries at a time.

And this God gifted area is full of very important minerals like natural beauty, fruits , Clean water, beautiful lakes, deep rivers, hot and cold fountains uranium, sulfur, gold and many gemstones as well. Majority of the people of Gilgit Baltistan do not know about the importance of these minerals and the government is also intentionally neglecting this area for more than 60 years!!)’ but unfortunately this piece of heaven is still facing a lot of problems like lack of medical and educational facilities , especially In terms of security when some elements frame both sides have begun to sectarianism, ( but in my opinion it could be called’’ Religious business’’) even at that time The desires of peace and good behaving with other called munafiqat (Hypocrisy) so at that time Pakistan people party and JUI (jamiat ulma –e-islam) did a very good effort and had passed intersects harmony’s law which have become a fact and Golden Historical movement .I think whose services cannot be denied.

Secondly at present situation public action committee which has taken a good and peaceful action, for their rights? when they brought thousands of people who have forgotten all the sectarian and political differences and they are still protesting for their rights from last 10 days .therefore the governament of Pakistan should look at things with and wisdom and approve public’s Legitimate demands also requesting to my brothers that will never violet the law and other’s rights and keep their activities positive and peaceful (although they are already positive &peaceful (mashallah) and remain united in future also, If you want to live a life of dignity. and you should never be a part of negative movement as and not be hijacked by black hands.
May Allah grant you unity and faith.
Finally I am again thankful for public action committee, scholars of Gilgit baltistan and my brothers and sisters, specially for the ‘’ wheat’’ which has made us brothers’’!


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