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Want to visit Islamabad’s Centaurus Mall? That’ll be 100 rupees

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Centaurus Mall is one of Islamabad’s hottest attractions. Yet the mall’s management caused a roar on social media when it announced on Thursday that the mall would enforce an entry fee of Rs. 100… to go shopping.

However, that isn’t what rubbed people the wrong way. In a public notice, the administration of the mall also included an exhaustive list of people who would be exempt from paying the fee, which by the way includes every single person who can actually afford to pay it.

Government officials and ‘celebrities’ are exempt from paying the Rs. 100 fee. Exempt also are women, children, senior citizens, members of bar councils, ‘Famous Players of Hockey, Cricket, Football and Golf’ and ‘Doctors and teaching faculty of all Universities.’ So who exactly is the mall trying to keep out?

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