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Vote for Baba Jan ,Vote for Humanity

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Vote for Baba Jan, Vote for Humanity

Gilgit Baltistan is near to elections now and election phobia is at its highest, most of political parties are active to heighten their vote banks. These political parties are also spending handsome amount of money on its political campaign. But among all these political parties one person is contesting elections as an independent candidate in GBLA 6, the person is in the police custody nowadays and he is behind the bars just because of helping the hopeless people of Attabad Hunza, he is behind the bars just because of arranging a full fledge strike against the brutality of Law and enforcement agencies, he is spending his precious days of life in jail for such a crime which he never did. The man whom I am talking is one and only Baba Jan.

Baba Jan is well known social worker and a human right activist who believes in humanity and for him its humanity which always comes first. He belongs to Lower Hunza and from past many years I found him fighting for human Rights, we have seen him in front line when the issue of separate district for Hunza was raised, we have seen him in the front when there was sectarian issue in Hunza Valley, we have seen him first to face brutality of law and order agencies when it comes to rights of people of Hunza. Baba Jan is an ordinary human being, he hasn’t tasted the life of elite class, he is free of corruption, he is not any NGO Tycoon, he has no any Land rover to travel, and he used to travel in public transport just like ordinary Human being of Hunza Valley, He is not having any heavy bank balance to spend it on his election campaign. The only thing which he is having with him is the service to humanity and the pain of the people.

Now the important point here is that how we can say thanks to Baba Jan for his services to Hunza Valley.  And I think the upcoming elections is the best platform to say big thanks to Baba Jan for his services to the People of Hunza. Being a voter of Hunza I will prefer to vote for Baba Jan instead of casting my voting to any other political party, I am not a having any attachment to political party neither I am a nationalist but I am human being and I will prefer such a candidate who feels the pain of people of his homeland and Baba Jan is having the same so it’s time to vote for Humanity and vote for Baba Jan.



Farman Ali THARA

Contributor is a HR Proffessional, Hailing from Hunza

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