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Under 19 Female Cricketer Commits Suicide

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Under 19 female cricketer Halima Rafiq, who raised her voice against sexual  harassment of young  female cricketers, committed  suicide earlier today.

Hunzanews,July 15,2014

According to the family members of  Halima, she  was being continuously threatened after she highlighted the issue in the media. The family asserted that the Under-19 female cricketers were being blackmailed to make certain “compromises” to join the team at Multan Cricket Ground. Halima Rafiq highlighted the voice on the media against the harassers.

Her rivals filed a defamation lawsuit and notices were issued to her. Immensely distressed under the circumstances, the young girl commit suicide . Later she was buried without an autopsy being carries out.

According to the police  legal measures could be taken against the cricketer’s family for not informing  the police about the suicide.


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