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Tragedy: Six people, including women and children, die in car accident near Babusar Top

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Gilgit/Chilas:car moving from Rawalpindi to Gilgit has faced an accident near the Babusar top today, resulting in the death of six people. Two children and two women are reportedly among the deceased. The deceased reportedly belong to Sikandarabad village of Nagar District.
The dead bodies were shifted to Chilas, said local journalist Mujeebur Rehman, quoting officials.  One of the victims has been identified as Mehrbano wife of Liaqat Ali, a resident of Sikandar Abad (Nagar), based on information obtained from a CNIC found at the accident site. 
There are latest reports that the people in the car belonged to a single family hailing from the Sikandarabad Village of District Nagar. 

Car accident babusar (3)

Belongings of the passengers can be seen in a police vehicle. Photo: Mujeebur Rehman

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