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Tolerance and respect is our identity

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Gilgit Baltistan is called “The land of peace and hospitality” But unfortunately, the worsening situation in Ganish Hunza has been alarming for another major tragedy in Hunza after Attabad disaster. Religious harmony is changing into enmity. Dead bodies have been humiliated badly, even not allowing them for funeral prayers by attacking them with stones, with regret to say this is what the mark of uncivilized societies, civilized societies don’t act in such inhuman manner. The way today, we’re confronting each others on terrorial disputes. The role of Gilgit Baltistan judiciary has not been able to resolve this issue despite of having written evidences. However, they assure for transparency in this regard, But on the other hand situations have reached to an unpredicted level where natives have been confronting each others by violent means by attacking them through stones and sticks.
Gilgit Baltistan police have been facing very aggressive resistance from the protesters in which few of there personnels and seniors were injured during these clashes. Religious and political leadership from Nagar and Hunza has been continously working to resolve this issue by restricting violence. Gilgit Baltistan police hardly took control over situations. It was very difficult for to ensure law and order but they successful in taking control over the violence. Clearing (KKH) for general public was very complicated after severe violence between the groups. However, Hunza police after hours, they opened (KKH) for transportation. Obviously, it’s very painful and disappointment for everyone us when any dead body is humiliated regardless of it’s religion and tribe. We have cultural and religious affiliations with each others but with regret to say unfortunately, we have lost the ethical and moral responsibilities just for material things. It’s open truth that Conflicts always brings distructions in human history. This very crucial moment to adopt peaceful means to resolve issues through negotiations rather than violent means. This is the social and moral responsibility of every individual to promote peace and stability in the region. Sectarianism should be discouraged at all and peace must be promoted. Gilgit Baltistan judiciary should play their role in bringing peace and stability in the region. Verdict must be given while keeping historical claims of both parties, so peaceful environment can be restored in the region.

 Imran Khan Hunzai
Social and political activist

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