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Taking jibes: Jaswant sure of Modi wave never entering Barmer, Jaisalmer

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With the opposition already criticising Bharatia Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, former leaders have also started taking jibes at the hardline Hindu nationalist.

HunzaNews April 18th, 2014.

Former BJP leader and Independent candidate, Jaswant Singh said that L K Advani would make a better prime minister than Modi.

“Advani has the capacity to conciliate, to bring together and absorb differences which Modi does not have. If you have to have a political coalition, then Advani is infinitely better as a choice,” he said in an interview to the Times of India.

Singh stated that being a successful chief minister for state did not mean that Modi would be a successful prime minister.

“I don’t think the equation runs like that. The logic does not automatically follow that line.”

He said, “for me it’s a remarkable election. In most elections, the candidate tries to woo the constituency. I’m not exaggerating or overstating. In this particular election, electorate is ahead of the candidate. I had earlier assumed that the wound is individual, insult is subjectively individual. But it is not. It’s astonishing how across the constituency, it’s the largest constituency, almost as large as the state of Israel, the electorate of Jaisalmer and Barmer feel they’ve been played with, their aspirations not looked at. The last minute trying of a Congress discard, who contested against us few months back, was abusing the BJP,” Singh, who is contesting for the parliamentary seat from the Barmer-Jaisalmer said.

In response to a question, Singh blamed both Modi and Chief Minister of Rajasthan since 2013, Vasundhara Raje for the worsening situation in the state.

On Modi wave, he said the Modi wave is certainly not in Barmer and Jaisalmer. There is no Modi wave here. The results will prove that.

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