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SRSP decides to light up Broghil valley

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CHITRAL: On the special instruction of SRSP chief executive officer (CEO) Shahzada Masudul Mulk, the establishment of a 30 kilowatt powerhouse has been sanctioned in the border valley of Boroghil.

HunzaNews, July 17,2014

A survey in this regard has already been completed and the project after completion would benefit about 70 households in the far-off valley where people still lack basic facilities. The construction of the powerhouse to light up the remote area would be first of its kind initiated by any government or non-governmental organization in Chitral. Meanwhile, the people of Boroghil have expressed their gratitude to the SRSP chief for taking interest for the establishment of the powerhouse. They said that successive governments did nothing to provide basic facilities of life to the residents. They said the SRSP initiative would bring a positive change in their life.


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