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Some things that media has to stop doing

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[author image=”” ]Dr.Saadia khan Department of paeds medicine Children hospital and institute of child health Multan. [/author] 

1-Controll of vocal tune and adoption of decent attitude with a respect of guests.

 I was watching a TV talk show during days of elections 2013 my friend” s four year daughter was sitting with me, she asked,

“Phoopo  yeh aunty (TV anchor) itna loud kuin baat ker rhy hein ain baree see uncle se (political person invited) mama to kehty Hein k baroo see ahista aur araam se baat kerty hein”. And she was true as all of us seek   these basic ethics from our parents who told us the respect of elder and how to talk and what respect we have to give to our guests.

OBIOUSLY all of us have a chance to watch our channels political and current issues talk shows and News, What they are showing, the louder the tone of a host the more will be their rating, make as much fuss you can. The government TV keep praising government and private channels have a motto to portrait negative imagine of government what ever good they do. All anchors are not like that there are a lot of good people  and like to highlight the name of Mr. Nadeem Malik, and Talaat Hussain atleast the way they talk and tone they have is basic requirement from a learned person as there should be some difference between the TV anchor and Appa G or chacha G of some specific Mohalas who used to talk in these specific vocal tones.

2-Not create panic and give hype to incidents.

Similarly the bad event that took at some place has given too much hype by media that it affects the whole country. The incident of Rawalpindi at Ashora is still fresh in our memories and what media did was nothing more than provoking others citizens to come forward and fight for the favor of your sect and whole of the country caught fire.

 3-What to show or not to show—where to put a full stop

           Coverage to bad incidents is media right but there should be censor policy to judge what to show and not to show. Watching daily the videos of robbery, terrorism, violence, torture and crying people over dead bodies are making people callous and cold hearted as to slaughter an animal for a butcher is not a big deal as he is used to it and saw blood daily but most of us can’t bear to see slaughtering  of animals .What are your feelings ?question frequently asked by relatives after the death of their loves one? Is it reasonable question to ask?

4- Biasness against doctors

 Media has to stop its biasness against doctors.

Why media portraying wrong image of a doctors?

Our cities and rural areas are indulged with so called doctors (quacks) who are spoiling the image of this profession but can’t understand why media not exposed them. Why not any attendant of patient go to media to praise doctor. Why media only publish about deaths that took placed why not they publish success stories we have to share. Have you ever seen picture of children that survived after cancer treatment or of malnourished child treated at government hospitals. Why our media do not shows the picture of four patients on a single bed, three preterm babies in a single incubators or the picture of three children sharing single oxygen point at government hospitals. I am in total agreement with a fact that all doctors are not always right, there are black sheep in this profession too that are destroying the image of this Nobel profession but why media showing darker aspects mostly why not give message of hope, success and positivity to their followers. 

5- Do not breech security plans.

What a security breech at our News example:

“Hakomat ny muharam k doran sakht hifazty intizamat kiye hein”. –this much force and this much police officer has been appointed for providing security to people. Helicopters will also monitor security, and there will be single security walk through gate for entrance and so on…. Isn’t this sound funny? Security kia rahy gy jub sari duniya k samny elan ker dina k hum yeh yeh ker rhy hein ,dushmanoo tum ais see ziada tayari ker k anaa…Please stop doing this as it will aid our enemies to make their plan, and government should have a check over it.

6-Imorove you’re breaking news.

 News regarding Mr Kamran given title of nakam asiq by our media and Mr.sikander so called tragedy king are the breaking News of our country and media spend hours on their coverage to make them hero .Veena Malik wedding and after wedding plans are also breaking news in our country.


In short there is no doubt about power of media, and things that it has done for us but it has to stop doing things that spoiling its image.

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