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Show of support: G-B Assembly asks centre to take action against terrorists

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GILGIT: Gilgit-Balitstan (G-B) legislators on Friday unanimously passed a resolution in the assembly condemning the recent incidents of terrorism in the country.

HunzaNews, June 14th, 2014.

The resolution was tabled by Fida Nashad of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Wazir Hasan of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) during the sixth day of proceedings of the legislative assembly’s 36th session, chaired by Speaker Wazir Baig.

“We condemn the terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms and ask the federal government to restore peace by hook or by crook,” said Nashad, reading out the resolution.

The resolution paid tribute to civilians and security personnel who lost their lives in the attack at Karachi airport’s old terminal and the Shia pilgrims in Taftan. The resolution also condemned the killing of two brothers from Baltistan in Karachi recently and demanded compensation for their families.

Absence of ministers

Of 13 ministers in the G-B cabinet, 12 were absent during Friday’s session which hampered routine business of the house.

Minister for Local Bodies Mohammad Ismail was the only minister attending the proceedings.

“The house proceedings have become a joke,” said Sultan Ali of PML-N, referring to the vacant seats of ministers, adding, “I wanted to know why income tax is being deducted in G-B and on whose orders, but it is useless to ask questions”.

Defending the absence of Chief Minister Mehdi Shah and Minister for Finance Muhammad Ali Akhtar, the speaker said they were on a visit to Hunza-Nagar Valley and would submit their replies later. “However, the remaining cabinet members should have attended the proceedings,” he said.

Memorial bridge

Nashad suggested the Amphery Bridge be named after Mobeen, a grade-two student who recently drowned after being hit by a car on the bridge. Mobeen was crossing the bridge to reach his school when he was hit by a van. His body is yet to be recovered.

“The bridge should be named as Mobeen Shaheed Bridge,” the lawmaker suggested, amid support from other members hailing from Baltistan.

“This may bring some peace to the aggrieved family.”

He lamented inaction against the culprits despite the speaker’s ruling in the previous proceedings to arrest those guilty. Amina Ansari, a lawmaker from Baltistan, also endorsed the idea and asked the government to implement it as soon as possible.

Surprise visit

A stir was created in the house when former senator Nisar Memon showed up in the assembly in the middle of routine proceedings.

The speaker welcomed him and applauded Memon’s services for the region.

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