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Rain devastation: Death toll in KP, Gilgit-Baltistan reaches 65

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LAHORE – Torrential rains, flooding, collapsing roofs, thunder strikes and landsliding incidents caused extensive devastation Sunday in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Gilgit-Baltistan and northern areas of the country, with the death toll escalating to 65.

According to the details, Chilas remained the area most affected by the extreme conditions, where 9 people lost their lives in different incidents of roof cave-ins and thunder strikes. In Tangaer, roof collapse killed a mother, father, 2 daughters and a son of a family. 5 people were also killed in Kohistan due to the devastation.

4 people were crushed to death when mountain debris fell on a house in Lailunai. 3 people were killed in Martung whereas two individuals also lost their lives in the areas of Shahpur and Chakisair.

Torrential rains claimed the lives of 4 in Dir Bala and Swat. A nine year old child also lost his battle with life in Chalmari. Severe flooding was seen in canals and rivers of areas most affected by the rains.

Meanwhile in Khyber Agency, raging flood swept away 30 shops.

An under construction bridge and construction machinery were also swept away during floods in Mansehra.

Heavy showers also caused destruction in Azad Kashmir including Muzaffarabad. Important roads including Shahrah-e-Resham (Silk Road) also remained closed due to landsliding. 8 members of a single family died in Muzaffarabad’s village of Samgam due to the landsliding.

On the other hand, landsliding caused by heavy rains claimed the lives of 22 people in Shangla. Routine life remained severely disrupted due to the rains. Shahrah-e-Resham, Shahrah-e-Swat and other important link roads also remained closed due to landsliding.

A part of Mingora Swat road was also swept away in the heavy floods. 5 people drowned in River Swat when a car fell into the river due to a falling boulder from the mountain in Ghorbund matta aghwan area.

4 people were killed in Ranial, 3 in Chakaisar, 3 in Maren, 2 in Martung, 1 in Poran while a single individual lost his life in Kana area due to landsliding.

(Dunya News)

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