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PPP govt turns blind eye to “three-month long” flooding in strong hold Gojal Gojal

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PPP govt turns blind eye to “three-month long” flooding in strong hold Gojal Gojal
HunzaNews, Aug 01,2014
The disaster-after-disaster hit dweller of Gojal awaits for any mercy from the government and particularly from their elected representative Wazir Baig, the speaker of GB Legislative Assembly. Suffering from the Attabad disaster for four years now, the masses of Gilgit-Baltistan’s Gojal valley is yet again passing through another painful tragedy caused by glacial floods in Hussaini, a village in the valley, since May this year. Nearly a kilometer of the KKH has completely damaged in Hussaini village by the glacial lake out burst. Which has become an eyesore for the nearly 25, 000 population of Gojal. Meanwhile, the local administration and provincial government are still firmed at its “stance of adamant” for doing nothing to consul the woes of the people of Gojal. Hundreds of commuters, mostly students, children, women and patients with hundreds of vehicles and trucks loaded with goods coming from China are waiting for any mercy on both banks of the flood hit area. The local people strongly condemned the PPP led government, Speaker GBLA Wazir Baig and local administration for their alleged silence and ignorance towards the issue and have termed it as a “human and government made disaster”. The people of Gojal have demanded of the Chef Secretary GB to take notice of the issue and initiate emergency rescue and relief operation in the area.
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