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Poor planning: Booni slaughterhouse left unused after completion

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BOONI, April 2: Though corruption has become a major problem and a drain on national resources, a number of projects launched for the welfare of the residents here have been abandoned midway, costing the national exchequer dearly.

HunzaNews April 2, 2014
The authorities of the Mastuj tehsil municipal administration at Booni have failed to provide civic facilities to the residents. As a result, the sense of deprivation among the people here is rising.
The absence of the MPA in the area has further added to the miseries of the people as the row over the election between suspended MPA Ghulam Muhammad and his challenger Sardar Hussain still rages on.
Amusingly, in every election politicians from Booni jump into the fray with tall claims and promises but they have miserably failed to serve the people.
About two years back, the municipal authorities started work on the construction of a slaughterhouse in Booni, consisting a number of rooms, on the bank of Yarkhun River. However, the butchers are still slaughtering their animals in the open field behind the Booni bus station as the slaughterhouse could not be made functional. This on the one hand shows the apathy of the government and on the other expose the people to different diseases due to the supply of unhygienic meat. The project to construct the slaughterhouse was launched at a cost of 1.2 million rupees.
One of the residents said that the authorities concerned seemed not interested in making this building functioned which has become a constant source of trouble for the surrounding population, but who cares.
When ChitralToday contacted Inayat Ullah, the head of the municipal department Booni, he gave a very unique reason for not making the slaughter house functional. “If we make the slaughterhouse functional where we will dump the waste? We cannot afford dumping the waste into the river because it will definitely destroy the aquatic species.” He said that the department had no other extra resources to make arrangements for the dumping of the waste. He also added that this building was not constructed during his tenure.

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