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Pakistan has no right to Gilgit-Baltistan, says BJP

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The BJP today said Pakistan had no right to Gilgit-Baltistan which was part of Jammu and Kashmir and illegally occupied by Pakistan.
The party reiterated its resolve to stand by the unanimous resolution of Parliament to liberate Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) from Pakistan.
Addressing a press conference here this morning, BJP leaders Ghulam Haider and Haji Mohammad Ibrahim from the Turtuk and Nobra areas of Ladakh said PoK had been under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and all areas falling under PoK were also illegally occupied by it.
“As Gilgit-Baltistan is also part of PoK, so Pakistan has no legal right to use it for any purpose. The party stands by the 1994 unanimous resolution of Parliament which pledges to work for getting PoK freed from Pakistan,” said BJP spokesman Arun Gupta who was also present at the press conference.
The BJP leaders said the party would not allow Pakistan to tinker with the areas of PoJK, including Gilgit-Baltistan.
BJP leader Ghulam Haider said the people of Ladakh, who had common culture with Gilgit-Baltistan, had been apprehending that Pakistan may bifurcate the province into Gilgit and Baltistan to pave the way for China to extend a rail line into the territory of PoK. He said it was not acceptable and needed to be opposed tooth and nail.
Another BJP leader Haji Mohammed Ibrahim said the only issue pending between India and Pakistan was to get vacated the PoK areas and the people of Ladakh stood united to achieve it.


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