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The 21st Century is going to be a critical century for mankind. It is going to offer unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented threats. How a community responds to such choices is the key question. In the context of Hunza, there is a real opportunity to increase the odds for success. Hunza is ahead of other regions of GB in education and exposure, but very weak on political front. This needs to change now, as the stakes are very high this time. Hunza must realize its potential first and become a role model for others parts of GB and surrounding mountain districts. It can do this by developing its material and human resources and following merit and a big tent approach!


Hunza Development Movement (HDM)

A few like-minded friends from Hunza came together recently to form Hunza Development Committee (HDC). In a recent meeting, it was decided to make this an open forum for all who can agree on a minimum agenda and follow a code of conduct. The namewas changed from HDC to HDM, to make it an open social movement!HDM is intended to be a non-denominational, inclusive and pro-development movement in which people of all political and social opinions, and professional backgroundscan participate and contribute to its mission. Any one from Hunza can join HDM by simply in-boxing a) your name, b) field of interest and, c) phone and email contacts. Based on this information, Task Teams will be created around key themes, such as education, tourism, ICT, business development, rights and environment, and others.

Goal and Objectives

The overall goal is to make Hunza a role model society at the cross roads of Asia, through education, ecological awareness, economic development and social transformation. The specific objectives are to:

  1. Improve local governance through active participation in the political process, and making public sector institutions more accountable and responsive to local needs
  2. Further strengthen the civil society sector, by adding value to the work of local SCOs, including KADO, LSOs, and other civic initiatives
  3. Focus on business and enterprise development, creating professionally managed local companies, and undertaking joint ventures with outside investors

Minimum Agenda

  1. As an immediate priority importingelectricity from China by following proper government procedure and creating a professionally run company, owned by local people
  2. Securing another GBLA seat for Hunza, based on population and other parameters, and seeking to devolve local government, by making Hunza and Nagar two separate districts, decentralizing government services, and creating more opportunities for self-development
  3. Actively participating in emerging opportunities created by the Economic Corridor, including participation in joint ventures, workforce development and developing investment products for investors in a partnership mode
  4. Developing local resources, such as hydropower, tourism, minerals, gemstones and agriculture
  5. Raising donor funds to finance social and environmental projects, and attracting venture capital to invest in socially responsible business opportunities
  6. Developing intellectual capital and creating capacity for research and knowledge management
  7. Creating economic opportunities and social services for youth, adolescents, children and senior citizens

The development agenda will evolve as more people join in, and thematic ideas and solutions are developed by Task Teams

Our Values

Co-existence and co-development; respecting diversity of opinion, protecting common interests and stakes through cooperation, “one for all, all for one”, and making a conscious effort to make a transition from our tribal mode of social organization, to an urban way of living.

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