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Nisur Gol village without drinking water as pipelines damaged

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CHITRAL, March 26: The recent heavy rains and snowfall have destroyed the already haggard road and other infrastructures in Chitral. 

HunzaNews March 27 th, 2014.

The heavy landsliding and avalanches in different parts of the valley have brought normal life to a standstill with many areas without drinking water and electricity as the pipelines and power pylons were swept away.
The rains and landsliding have brought more trouble for the small Nisur Gol village near Mastuj as the water pipe chamber of the area was destroyed during the rains. The residents of the village said in 2003 WASEP had laid pipelines to provide drinking water to the village but with the passage of time due to lack of maintenance the pipes gathered rust and started leaking.

And the final blow came when the pipes were washed away by torrential rains and landsliding a few weeks back. Due to the lack of water, the people, especially women and children, were facing hardship in fetching water for drinking as well as for their cattle in the severe cold weather from far off points.

The residents said that in 2007 the area also saw torrential rains and avalanches but the water pipelines were not damaged. However, the water channel to the village was destroyed at that time which was rebuilt by the residents on self-help basis. They said that former UC nazim and a councilor had provided three pipes of six-inch wide each to the village but two of the pipes were taken away by two influential persons of the village for their personal use.
The area people demanded that the government and NGOs should provide them funds to repair the water pipes of the village in order to resolve the issues of the residents.

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