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Nine suspected militants arrested from Peshawar hospital

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PESHAWAR: Nine suspected militants including three injured with gunshot wounds were arrested from the Lady Reading hospital on Tuesday as they were brought to the hospital for treatment.

HunzaNews April 22,2014

The official sources said that the suspected militants belong to a banned outfit operating in the Khyber Agency adding that they were first shifted to the Khyber Teaching Hospital for treatment but were referred to the LRH for further treatment.

The three alleged militants in injured condition were brought by six people in an ambulance to the LRH Peshawar where police arrested all of them.

Some sources claimed that these militants might have been injured in a gun battle with the security forces or due to infighting and were later brought to the hospital for treatment.

The police officials present on the scene refused to give details about the arrests and took away the suspects in a police mobile.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Saleem Aman told that few injured persons were brought to the hospital but they were not admitted for treatment.

The hospital officials said that the suspects including three injured were brought to the hospital but the police arrested them as soon as they were brought and took them away.


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