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[author ]BISMA UMAIR[/author]

Pakistan encompasses numerous magnificent valleys in its various cities. In Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan,Nagar Valley is located which is sited near Gilgit Valley, which is also a well-known valley of our country. It is a division of Hunza Nagar District. The valley is directorially further subdivided into two tehsils and they are named as Nagar-1 and Nagar-2. The estimated altitude of the valley is about 2,438 m. The maintown of the valley is Nagar Khas and was also the capital of the earlier state of Nagar. In Nagar the most bravura and illustrious tourist attraction is Gulmet because of the landscape of the adjacent mountains. The mountains that are near to it include Rakaposhi which is at a height of 7,788m, Diran and more than 30 peaks are sited near the valley.

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From mid-April to the end of September the climate of the valley remains pleasurable. 13 degree is the maximum temperature of the valley in summer but during winter the weather becomes very cold almost unpredictable which starts from October to end of March. -14 degree is the minimum temperature in winters.  In earlier times Nagar was a generous state which had survived for 1200 years. A local Mir ruled over the people of Nagar for more than 1200 years till the states were suspended by Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttoin 1974.  The state was specified independent demonstration to the Northern Areas Council, now known as the Legislative Assembly GilgitBaltistan on 2008.

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From southwest it is bordered by Gilgit Agency, while China to the North and northeast andAfghanistan to the northwestIslam is religion of the habitats of Nagar Valley including ShiaAshreeand Isna. The ratio of literacy in the valley is more than 90 percent for the men and about 59 percent forwomen. The population of Nagar Valley was 1 lack according to the 1988 census which rose further according to the 2000 census. The languages that are spoken in the valley include Shena andBrushashki. In Nagar 60 % of Burusho people live and almost 40 % of Shina speaking people live in Nagar Valley. Bedishki language is related to Gujarati language and is spoken by Bedicho tribe of Nagar. To prevent the hunting of endangered animals the entire part of Nagar was declared as a community park, which is now the entertainment spot for locals as well for the tourists.

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