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Merit will neutralize sectarian influence, says Dr Asif

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GILGIT: Vice chancellor KIU is hopeful merit will ultimately neutralize influence of sectarian groups within the university.

HunzaNews April 04,2015

“Merit will be strictly followed at  every level to let the deserving get their right,” said Dr Muhammad Asif Khan on Saturday at Karakoram International University or KIU. It was his first meeting with media after assuming charge. He replaced Dr Najma Najam in June 2014.

“Serious trust deficit is there between the groups but that can only be overcome by upholding merit,” said the VC as he was asked what his strategy would be to deal with groups known for influencing matters and the administration at KIU – the only university in G-B.

It takes time but upholding merit is the key to ensure lasting peace which is directly linked to the progress of the university and the region, Dr Khan to Outpost.

A clash between student groups in 2012 had engulfed the town, leading to murder of two people in the violence that followed.

Dr Khan said there were occasions when he felt pressure but vowed to resist it for the sack of the institution and the region.

The VC said laws are being made to ensure transparency in appointments, promotions and other matters pertaining to management to let the deserving get their rights. About distribution of laptops, he said laptops would be distributed among the students and a merit list has been made by the KIU administration after hectic efforts. He said the prime minister would make the distribution during his visit to G-B.

Dr Asif said KIU occupies a unique position as it is located at the junction of worlds’ greatest mountain ranges including Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. “These mountain ranges serve as a unique laboratory for natural sciences.”

He said being a scientist, his entire research spanning 32 years focused on this region.

This is reflected in my book entitled “Tectonics of Nanga Parbat Syntaxis and Western Himalayas” published by Geological Society London. He also invited suggestions from the media for the betterment of university and the students.

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