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KKH connecting Gilgit and Islamabad been blocked by Inqelab March supporters

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Gilgit city : The Karakoram Highway (KKH) has been blocked for all kinds of transport which connects Gilgit to Islamabad by the supporters of Inqelab March.

HunzaNews, Aug 19,2014

Workers of Minhaj e Quran, Majlis Wehdatul Muslimin, Sunni Itehad Council, and PML-Q have blocked the KKH at Gilgit near Sekhwar, supporting the Inqelab March in Islamabad. The protesters have said that the sit-in will continue till the demands of Tahir ul Qadri are fulfilled.

The protesters have blocked the KKH by depositing stones, wood, and plants as barriers on the road.


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