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KKH blocked due to landslide

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Battagram:KKH blocked due to landslide.

HunzaNews March 19th, 2014.

The Karakuram Highway has been blocked due to a landslide near Battagram in the Kohistan district since 3:30am. Thousands of passengers are stuck on both sides of the blockade in several dozens of vehicles traveling in the form of a convoy.

According to details, a Convoy of vehicles moving towards Gilgit-Baltistan was stopped last night by police in Battagram for some time without any clear reasons. This led the passengers to hold a small protest demonstration. Later, they were allowed to proceed after negotiations with a Station House Office (SHO). However, by then the KKH had been blocked by a landslide.

The passengers have said that the FWO was not working on removal of the landslide debris despite of a lapse of around 7 hours.


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