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Hunza valley a finest choice to escape from summers!

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[author ]SALIMA AMAN[/author]

In Pakistani map Hunza valley comes in the North part, which share cross boarders with china, Azad Kashmir, Afghanistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwan.
People are well aware of its name and history, so many books are written by famous writers, documentaries are made but still there is a force which compels to sketch it again and again.
The gorgeous valley has indeed the distinct features like hospitality of people, its beauty, location, tourist points, culture, and climate, KKH the linking route with china, historical places and many more things due to which it is tinted around the globe.
It gives me pleasure and proud feelings to count my self a part of beautiful valley. People are blessed with countless blessings for which they must be thankful to the creator. It’s the pleasant weather that gives it colorful look in summers, starting from the month of April and May when temperature goes maximum of 27°C and minimum of 14°C with singing birds on trees, smiling fresh painted flowers and the most attractive cherry blossoms.
In these months you will find most of the people in their yards and fields working and in bowing processes with happiness on their faces and fully charged energies. The pleasant climate is one of the reasons that grab the attention of people towards the hills in hot summers; the slide rainy days increase its worth.
Majority of the people hunt for a peaceful land to make holidays memorable in summers then I must put in here it would be unforgettable across the hills where even the need of fans is fulfilled by natural winds and the healthy fruits, clear water which is the reason behind evergreen smiling and bright appearances.
In between the snow caped mountains, there is fresh air to breath, beautiful locations, water falls, greenery around, traditional foods, and historical forts make it more fascinating and the wrapped roofs with the fresh apricots give it sensational look.
I remember the days which offer relaxation to my mind, the dark nights full of twinkling stars and the smooth layer of cold wind which gives the feeling of freezer, peaceful sleep and this happens in the month of June, July with temperature from 30 to 35°C when people die due to frightening and highly radiant days in other parts of Pakistan isn’t it a blessing? And if we go for picnic points then there are so many places like, Khungerab pass, Hopar Glacier, Baltit and Altit forts, Duikar the place for eagle eying, Ultar peak, Rakaposhi views, Naltar valley, Shimshal valley and the recent landscape made river the Attabad Lake, adventurous and climbing mountains for youngster, these are some of the places to surf the best time ever, and very sadly being a permanent part I visited few of these places and I still remind those treasured moments.
It is the month of June, July when festivals are on its peak and celebrated very excitedly, which also reflects the culture of Hunza, the nights volume traditional music’s and the fresh mornings are amazing. The students who are far scattered in different parts for their education are also found in these months to spend vacations in their loveable hometown.
The additional factor which increases its charm is the fair behavior and the life style of people which is more inspiring, different articles and publications have proved why people love to move towards North, people will never enjoy until and unless they don’t stalk it, tourists come from different countries be grateful and carry striking experiences of life with them.
I met a German friend who is working for a magazine along with her husband, she admired the simplicity of people and beauty of the valley honestly said; if I would be given a chance then I would love to stay in here.
I might be missing many things a little piece of writing is not enough to portray the gorgeous valley Hunza, it is more then something written and spoken words. One must go at least ones in a lifetime if chance is given, then don’t miss it.

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