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Hospitality in Diamer make ‘peace walk’ participants happy

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GILGIT: Participants of a ‘peace walk’- started two weeks ago from Baltistan region – set out for Islamabad from Chilas town on Tuesday, aiming to spread the message of peace.

HunzaNews March 31,2015

“We are taking with us pleasant memories and messages for peace and love from the beautiful valley marred unfortunately by incidents of terrorism in the recent past,” said Gulam Hussain, a member of the 12-member team, as the team met delegations in Chilas town on Monday.

The peace walk team consisted of 12-members, who are climbers and porters, kicked off the journey from Khaplu town on 19 March and reached Gilgit on 26 March after covering about 300 kilometers on foot in eight days. The participants met with police chief and the information minister Inayat Shumali and briefed them about their programme.

The aim of the walk is to create an atmosphere filled with peace and love for all living in Gilgit – Baltistan and the rest of the country, Hussain who led the team told Outpost. The walk will end in Islamabad where the participants are expected to meet the prime minister and the president.

When the team reached Chilas on Sunday, they were greeted with warm welcome by the residents, terming the peace walk a milestone in achieving peace in the region.

“We are indebted to our hosts in Chilas for the hospitality and reception that they extended,” another participant Hasan Jan told the residents and politicians who gathered on the Karakoram Highway to receive them.

He said when a plan was being chalked out for ‘peace walk, many advised them against the ‘adventure’ for security reasons especially in Diamer district. But we ignored that and now happy over the warm reception,” said Jan.

Abdul Hameed, president of PML-N Diamer, welcomed the participants and appreciated the walk aimed at bringing lasting peace in the region. “Your efforts are appreciable, we salute you for that.”

Secretary tourism Syed Hadi said the participants would be given awards when they arrive Islamabad. “It will be a tribute to their efforts for a greater cause,” Hadi told reporters on Monday.

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