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Ginani festival is in progress at Khudabad upper Hunza

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Ginani festival is in progress at Khudabad upper Hunza

HunzaNews( Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai), July 30,2014

program has been designed, the traditional food ” Diramfitti, Diltar, Garak ( Green peas)” will be ready and invitation for relatives in process, traditional music and public will on way.

Khudabad an Intro:)

Khuda Abad is a valley of Hunza in the Hunza-Nagar District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Khuda Abad a section of bliss situated on the rim of Pak China scattered into three sub regions, Imam Abad, Karimabad and Center. On its adjoining villages Sost famous for its position due to Sost Dry, a main resource of export and import to China, net to it is Nazim Abad and Girch. The importance of village comes out from the hub of commercial activities for Pakistan. Dry port is situated in this area. The village is composed of Burushaski speakers migrated from Centre Hunza Karim Abad, the three main families (Roms) Diramiting, Khurokutz and Barataling are living in the village. The village is composed of 138 houses comprised of 1238 population, mainly the export of this village is potatoes, and vegetables in local market, people are engaged with farming too, cultivation of wheat, barley, maize and black peas are annually reported in the village. The youth of this village is settled downstream the country for employment and studies. The literacy rate of the village is around 70% excluding the old folks. Today the youth of this village are working in private and government sector. The only one youth group Khudabad Welfare youth organization is carrying welfare activities. One road only links Khudabad with the rest of areas. In education three schools are operating in the village along with one health care centre. 

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