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Gilgit Baltistan & the Election Drama

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[author image=”” ]Naeem Khan Hamoon student at Northern Virginia Community College[/author]


The Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) is a 33-seats and it’s consisting of a single house. Legislative body that was formed as part of the Gilgit Baltistan Self-Empowerment. The Self-Governance Order, 2009 which granted the region so called self-rule and an elected legislative assembly. It was a package given under the umbrella of presidential ordinance without constitutional amendment.
The region had been directly ruled from Islamabad, in the form of Ministry for Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs, known as KANA division. Fifteen lac of population elected 33 representatives from every region of Gilgit Baltistan while the 33- seated house is less powerful and effective than a single ministry. So our demands and needs are still as it is, from the six decades. We never fought for political rights of Gilgit Baltistan in real sense. We always accepted a puppet governance ordinance, and it has never changed our identity and fundamental rights.
We have to fight for our deserved political rights. We have to raise our voice up for human rights, either through diplomacy or civil rebellion. If we want constitutional rights then we have to elect knowledgeable people having the free hand authority to start the movement form Gilgit Baltistan to Islamabad. And those deserving leaders are the Patriotic sons of Gilgit Baltistan who are always ready to give services and political contribution.
This may be the last chance to ask for the demands and specially depends up on the educated young youth. As the political approach of Islamabad is clear as white page, so there is no need to argue with center, and move ahead for our provincial rights or demand for constitutional rights. The Best possible futuristic framework is “We need a separate powerful and functional Assembly, own constitution and a president. It should be more powerful as compared to the Self-Governance Ordinance, 2009. The upcoming election’s slogan should be on one point agenda, Empowerment of the Assembly.

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