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FWO failed to expand the spillway at Attabad lake.

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FWO failed to expand the spill-way at Ata-abad lake.

HunzaNews  February 6th, 2014.

HUNZA (special report) FWO has failed to expand the spillway of dammed Atta-abad lake, said the representatives of Shishkat and Ayeen Abad. FWO has undertaken the responsibility of expanding and deepen the spill way, but in spite of three years have been elapsed since FWO had started working, nothing prominent has yet been done. They also expressed their apprehension that during summers as the water flow increases, the level of the dam will also increase , causing people to loose their lands and hopes. Few days back FWO had announced to stop working on spill way that had made the people unhappy, specially those whose lands and homes are still submerged. The delegation consisted of Shah Makeen, Imam Dad, Dervesh Ali and other notables of SHISHKAT and AAYEEN ABAD.

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