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Flood ravage village in Gojal, water scarce, KKH blocked

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Islamabad (online): Flood caused by glacial lake outburst has wreaked havoc at Hussaini village in Gojal valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, leaving the main water pipelines submerged and people without water for five days, besides blocking the KKH.

HunzaNews May 8,2014
Gushing water on Friday evening, completely demolished the main drinking and irrigation pipelines of the village. Dozens of pipes and hundreds of trees have been submerged into the Khunjerab River following the flood, while the KKH has been blocked for transportation.
The government has failed to initiate any measure to restore water supply for the village and transportation on the KKH, even after passage of four days. However the area Tehsildar visited the affected site but any rescue operation is yet to be started.
Hundreds of passengers with dozens of vehicle have been stuck on both sides of the blocked KKH. While the local volunteers and scouts are striving to make way for the passengers to pass the blockade.
It merits a mention that the Hussaini village receives water for irrigation and drinking purpose from a distance of as many as five kilometers from the south bank of the Hussaini Glacier.Ends/MK/Online

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