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Deceitful firm: Skardu residents swindled by fraudulent Hajj company

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GILGIT: Over 50 people in Skardu were swindled by a fake company which lured them into paying money to perform Hajj this year.

HunzaNews  May 26th, 2014.

“At least 71 people wishing to perform Hajj deposited Rs288,000 each on the advice of the company’s head,” said Muhammad Hassan, one of the affectees.

The company was reportedly named Karawaan and run by Sheikh Ayub.

According to locals, it claimed to provide better facilities to pilgrims during Hajj.

Ayub reportedly lured people by claiming his company had secured a quota of 110 pilgrims and asked Skardu residents not to lose the opportunity.

Nearly 71 people had filled the forms provided by the company and deposited the money, however, their applications were rejected because the firm was not registered with the government.

After receiving rejection letters, the intending pilgrims went to the company’s office only to find it locked.

“No one was in the building when the people reached there,” Hassan told The Express Tribuneon Sunday. He added they tried to contact Ayub on the phone but received no response.

The matter has caught the attention of Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) Chief Minister Mehdi Shah, who is also a resident of Skardu. “Action will be taken against those who deprived people of their money,” said a spokesperson at the CM Secretariat.

The CM has asked the commissioner to investigate the issue and mete out exemplary punishment to those involved in the fraudulent activity.

“CM Shah has also assured the affectees that their money will be returned,” said the spokesperson.

e Express Tribune

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