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Dead Body of Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing – Taiwan (Chinese) trekker recovered from Batura Valley in Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan

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Passu: Dead Body of Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing – Taiwan (Chinese) trekker recovered from Batura Valley in Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan .

HunzaNews, Sept 20,2014

Dead body of Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing – Taiwan (China) has been recovered by the Village Emergency Response Team Passu almost 200m below, from the incident spot called Jang-e-Kerch (upper part of Mulungin) situated on the left wall of the great Batura Glacier. Talking to Mountains Online, Mr. Aman Ullah Khan, Captain FOCUS VERT Passu and team leader in this search and rescue operation said, “The team along with police officials from the local police station found the dead body around 11:15 am this morning. We used GPS coordinates with the help of information provided by the French colleague of Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing to spot the incident point and found the dead body almost 200m below, from where she slipped and fall-off. The body has been taken to Passu village by the VERT team included Mr. Naseer Uddin, Mr. Ghulam Abbas, Mr. Javed Akhtar, Mr. Himayat Shah Mr. Noor Khan, Mr. Zahid Ahmed and others.”

According to details, Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing (Taiwan, China) and Mr. Xavier Orignac (France) entered Pakistan from China border few day ago, stayed in Passu for a day and went to the Ptundas valley for 3 days trek. Information shared by Mr. Xavier Orignac (the injured colleague of Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing) to local people in Passu are as follow: “They left for Ptundas valley on Wednesday 17th September without guide and porter, instead of using the easy route from Yunz valley, they followed the old and dangerous route called Jang-e-Kerch (upper part of Mulungin) as shown in the map. They camped over the narrow track, stayed overnight and the second day went up to the Ptundas valley. The third day, Friday 19th, they started descending from the same route. According to Mr. Xavier Orignac’s chat with local people, “around 9:30am, he heard sound of falling of rocks on left side of the Jang-e-Kerch, as he was behind Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing at a considerable distance, he called her name to be careful if there is land sliding. He didn’t receive any reply from her so started looking down from the narrow track, and found her deep in the hills lying near stones. He tried to reach there, but lost his control and fallen down on the right side of the narrow track, which is a straight moraine downward, pushed him to the base of Mulugin. He climbed again, tried to reach Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing but it was impossible without proper climbing equipment. He left for Passu village, which is about 4 hours walking distance from the incident point. He reached Passu in the evening, informed local people, VERT team mobilized and started search and rescue effort in the next morning as it was difficult to recover the dead body at night, local people said.

Local police has shifted the dead body of Ms. Chang –Yuo Hing to Aliabad, Hunza for postmortem this evening.

Local communities are of the opinion that tourists coming from down cities and foreign countries should accompany guides with them so that they can avoid such incidents or at least follow easy routes during treks around the valley.


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