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Dallas: Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas hosts annual iftar

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DALLAS: Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas hosted its eleventh annual iftar event at a local restaurant in Carrolton Texas.

 HunzaNews, July 28,2014

The event was attended by party leadership, elected officials, and candidates from Dallas, Tarrant, Collins and Denton counties.

 Thanking the leadership of Muslim Democratic Caucus, Dallas County Commissioner Theresa Daniel said that this event provides a unique opportunity to the leadership to break bread with Muslim Americans. She said that America is a multi-cultural society, and personal liberty and freedom is the corner stone of our society.

 She said that we all can work together for the progress of our country.

 Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez while addressing the attendees said that it is important to have a tolerant society with equal justice for all to improve our society. She said that she acted on these principal in her tenure as Sheriff of Dallas County.

 She said that though she is not on the ballot in upcoming elections, but she said she recognize the importance of Muslim community as she believe in principals of equal citizenry and inclusion.

 A special award for excellence in public service was also presented to Sheriff Valdez in recognition of her diversity and services to Dallas County and her excellent administration of Dallas County Prison System.

 Muslim Democratic Caucus Texas board members including its President Aftab Siddiqui, Emad Salem, Zahid Khanzada, Amir Rahman, Mellissa Walker, Amir Makhani and Amina Ismail, praised Sheriff Valdez for her services to Muslim community.

 Aisha U-Kiu was the emcee of the program along with Naeem Makhani. The event was addressed by US Congress candidates Mark Greene and David Cozad, Texas State House candidates Sameena Karamali and representatives from Chris Turner, Lon Burnam and …….. Texas School Board candidate Melissa Bean, Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairperson Debra People, and Denton County Chairperson Phyllis Wolper, Judicial candidates from Dallas, Tarrant and Collins counties and several members of State Democratic Executive Committee, candidates, officials and guests from Tarrant County, Deborah Peoples ( Chairwoman of TCDP ), Mark Greene ( nominee for US Congress district 12), Patrick McGehearty ( nominee for Texas senate district 9), Nancy Bean ( nominee for Texas state Board of Education) , David Cozad ( nominee for US CD6) , Alan Bean, Eric Britt,

 Certificates of appreciation were also presented by Commissioner Theresa Daniel to volunteers and performers at previously held gala event of MDC of Texas namely “Celebrations of Cultures” at Texas Democratic State Convention.

 The event was participated by a large number of Muslim community leaders and Democratic activists. All participants exchanged thoughts and pledged to work for the aim of turning local and state into a Democratic society.

 The event had special prayers for Syed Fayyaz Hassan, who is one of the founders of Muslim Democratic Caucus and could not participate due to his illness and hospitalization at a local facility.

 The event was also attended by visiting famous Pakistani TV celebrity star Fazila Qazi, who during discussion said that she is very happy to see the participation of Muslim community at a unified political platform and their level of participation in local politics.


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