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Culture, as defined by Facebook fighters!

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[author image=”10841379_680428848723118_1557962824_n” ]Salima Aman from Aliabad Hunza doing BS in media studies from Islamic university[/author]


A very disgraceful behavior of some people, I would say “ILLITRATES”, on social media compelled me to write this piece. Some brats are defining our culture in such a manner, using such vulgar language, that I simply cannot repeat them here.

Correct me here if I am wrong. Is there any single schooling in the culture of Gilgit- Baltistan that has directed us to use abusive language for ladies? Is there a single teacher who has taught us to criticize someone publicly using harsh language? Is there any single instruction, tradition in our culture, that has justified intrusion in others business? Hopefully everyone is getting what I want to convey.

The second thing, for those people who are playing the role of media on social networks; according to my knowledge I don’t think so Media and social networks are meant to harm and interrupt someone’s personal life rather it is to promote the opinions without hurting ones interest.

It’s a very disappointing moment to go through the compliments by some educated illiterates for the young lady who has participated in a cultural show. It is very easy to pass commentary sitting at your homes. But it is very hard to come up with the guts that she came up with. The lady was in full dress which we call shalwar kameez and was enough to cover the body parts.

What is wrong if she has depicted our culture with a diverse angle?

I think we need to mend our minds and implement our literal education in our lives. My information links me that the basic element that determines any culture is “language”. Isn’t it? If someone is fully confident that they are perfect souls of their culture, then I must say they should have first considered their own language through which they ill-treated and verbally abused her.

Their attitude determines what culture they belong to.

I agree with the fact that everyone is free to speak and criticize but criticize when it is required and makes any sense.  No one has the right to criticize just for the sake of criticism.

In my society I think there are a lot of worse illnesses that need to be considered with real intelligence and permanent solutions. I must suggest to the self-designated patrons and protectors of “culture” to go and provide your wise proposals and ideas on those subjects.

Criticism every time is not the permanent solution for wise communities. We must appreciate our people for their well doings.

Culture can’t be only represented through your get up it has also many more powerful factors; communication is one of them so we need to consider it as well. The lady belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan, the place which is admired for hospitality and respect for their women. Therefore, instead of using punitive and abusive language, you need to maintain your integrity and decency, for which you are known globally.

Our society will be much more perfect if we find our own illnesses and appreciate others rather than assessing them. A healthy criticism should be welcomed which lives some respectable effects.

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