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Chitral’s importance after Lowari tunnel

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By Inayatullah Aseer

Some actions are very important to be taken before the Lowari tunnel completion to make it not only an all-weather passageway for the Chitralis but also a source of income generation for the whole country.

The government only can cover the huge expenditures consumed on this mega project by extending it to the Central Asia states as well as China through Afghanistan in the Badakhshan province. A highway project was visualized in 1993 during the PML-N government that would pass from Chitral to Tajikistan with the name of Chitral-Eshkasim highway. Had the PML-N remained in power for its five-year tenure this mega project would have been completed with the motorway projects. Now again the opportunity to make Pakistan a hub of trade has come the way after the PML-N came to power in Islamabad and there is again the hope among the people of Chitral that the prime minister will again stand on his agenda and launch the highway project. Lowari tunnel can link Pakistan to Central Asia as well as China if the highway is built by multinational companies from Kabul to China through Wakhan valley. Only 15 kilometers road from Yarkhun to Wakhan Bridge will link Pakistan with this international road. The trucks and jeeps can go and come to China and back. This road will remain open all year in all weather. If the government wanted, this road can be built within one month on a very low cost due to being a flat area without mountains and bridges. We can generate income from this road in these days too. This road will link us with our friendly country with no cost. On the other way, the already estimated road of Chitral-Garum-Chashma-Eshkashim highway is waiting for construction at least from Chitral to Dorah Pass. The Lowari tunnel project is not only the essential need of Pakistan loving people but it is also very important for our beloved country too. It is very clear that it can be developed like Karachi for trade and tourism too. What is to be thought is this that can the highway loaded trailers can go to Chitral and other countries though it or not if this problem is left to be solved it is to be solved by making an agreement with Afghanistan through Khyber Pass it can be made sure that a trucks with heavy load from Karachi can reach Chitral without offloading some of their load easily. –


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