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Chitral: Thousands gather to remember the teachings of Pir Nasir Khusraw

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Followers of the Ismaili sect of Islam remembered the teachings and legacy of Pir Nasir Khusraw, an 11th century Persian poet and preacher during the annual pathak festival in Garamchashma, Chitral.

The Pir is believed to have traveled to the Garamchashma area of Chitral to spread the teachings of the Shi’a Ismaili sect. According to local traditions, the Pir had performed a 40-day long “Chila” in a cave located in this area. The Pathak festival is held annually to mark the end of his Chila – a mystic, sufi, ritual in which a person detaches himself from the society completely for forty days, and performs special prayers and worship rituals. This process is performed to get ‘spiritual enlightenment’ and ‘purification of soul’.

A shrine has been constructed in the remote valley to commemorate the legacy of the preacher who has written travelogues, books of devotional poetry, and theology. Some of his most famous books include Safar-nama, Diwan, Gushayish-wa-rihayish, Roshnai Nama and Saa’dat Nama. He is also believed to have written a book on Mathematics. 

The locals in Garam Chashma area of Chitral gathered to remember the preacher, and to pay rich tributes to him. Devotional poetry, Qasayid/Manajaat, written by Naisr Khusraw were read, and a community feast was also held. The ritual of Chiragh-e-Raushan was also performed. This local level festival is exclusively celebrated in Garamchashma area of Chitral.


The ritual of Chiragh Roshan is being performed. The lamp is lit and the people recite Salwat

Locals read the devotional poetry of Pir Nasir Khusraw, the Fatimid era preacher and intellectual

Entrance to the shrine constructed in memory of the Pir. The Pir is not buried here.

Thousands of women and men listen to the speakers as they highlight the teachings and life of Pir Nasir Khsuraw

A pile of specially prepared bread for community feast

The Pir is believed, according to local legend, to have come down the mountain, and also performed Chila (40 days of dedicated prayers and worship)

Local volunteers pose for the camera during the festival

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