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Chitral residents endure over 13 hours of loadshedding, price hike

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Chitral residents endure over 13 hours of loadshedding, price hike.

HunzaNews,July 12,2014

Due to the prolonged loadshedding and low voltage, people cannot make ice at their houses and also there is no ice factory in Chitral. But they are lucky that they can buy snow brought to the bazaar from the Lowari pass and quench their thirst at Iftrai. Loadshedding is affecting the business community especially tailors who are unable to continue their work. The people are also complaining against the high rates of edibles. A local citizen said he wanted to buy meat but the butchers have increased the prices on their own while chicken is selling at Rs.100 higher than the normal rate. The residents of Chitral demand the government control the prices of edibles and end loadshedding. They also demanded an inquiry against the Golen water supply scheme as it was completed at a cost of 330 million rupees but two days after its inauguration the main pipe got burst. They said people of Singore, Balch, Shah Miran were still deprived of water.–Gul Hammad Farooqi


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