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Chitral polo team receives warm welcome in Ghizer

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GILGIT: A polo team from Chitral visited the Ghizar district of Gilgit-Baltistan to celebrate the “Jashn-e-Faqeer”.

HunzaNews, Sept 30,2014

The polo-diplomacy visit was arranged to rebuild blood and cultural links between members of the Khusraway family, living in Chitral and Yasin Valley. The visitors from Chitral were given a warm welcome by residents of the Yasin Valley on their arrival in the Tehsil’s vicinity.

It is believed that a famous polo play, Faqeer Muhammad, had migrated from Barenis village of Chitral to Yasin (Varshighoom) long time back. The “Faqeer Festival”, thus, was an occasion to celebrate the legacy of a polo player and rebuild the family links broken due to political changes in the region.

The delegation from Chitral was headed by Advocate Abdul Wali Khan, a known figure of the Khusraway family.  The Chitral Heritage and Environmental Promotion Services (CHEPS), a non-governmental organization, also used the occasion to advocate its pro-environment agenda.






Courtesy: chitraltoday

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