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BNF aks Pakistan to release detainees and apologize to residents

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RAWALPINDI: The exiled chairman of the Balawaristan National Front (BNF), Abdul Hamid Khan, has asked the government of Pakistan to have a pity on the people of Hunza-Nagar if it has a slightest of sympathy with them.

HunzaNews, Sept 28,2014

 He stated this in reaction to the verdict handed down by an anti-terrorism court in Gilgit sentencing 12 people to life in prison and declaring five others as absconders in a case registered against them in connection with the 2011 Aliabad violence in which police killed a man and his son and injured scores of others.

In a statement issued from Brusseles, where Mr Khan lives an exiled life, he said insetad of hanging the culprit police officials, including a DSP, for allegedly opening fire on the peaceful protesters the government had gone after the innocent people by using its draconian law. 
The BNF chief said the government should release all the innocent people who were arrested after the incident and also drop the case against them. Not only that, he asked Pakistan to apologize to the people and hang those who opened fire on the peaceful protesters. He advised Pakistan not to treat the people with cruelty as it would bring no dividend to it.
Mr Khan said that handing down life imprisonment on Baba Jan and others was tantamount to rewarding the killers and punishing the oppressed. Such type of injustice and barbarity was not even seen during the British rule, he added.
He said that terrorists, their masterminds and financiers were openly killing people in Pakistan and roaming freely but Pakistan never handed down such a punishment on any of the culprits. But in Gilgit-Baltistan, which even does not fall in the judicial territory of Pakistan, such punishment were handed down on people for holding a rally for their rights.
He was of the opinion that under the UNCIP resolutions a plebescite was to be held to ascertain the wishes of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan about their future. He said justice demanded that the DSP who was responsible for ordering firing on the peaceful protesters is hanged to provide justice to the families of the victims.
He also pointed out that under a conspiracy Pakistan appointed one brother as a judge and through him handed down such an inhuman punishment on the other brothers to pitch the people of GB against one another. He said that a case should also be registered against Mehdi Shah because the main culprits, DSP Babar Khan was acting on his directions. 


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