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Al Nasir Khusruw Youth Association organizes program in Lahore

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Lahore:  Al Nasir Khusruw Youth Association Lahore organized a family get together for Hunza region families and youth in Lahore.

HunzaNews April 7th, 2014.

A large number of people including students and professionals participated in the session. Different cultural and infotainment programs were presented by the youngsters.

Religious and Youth leaders also participated in the session. The leaders emphasized to organize more programs for the families and youth to bring them together and such platforms provide an opportunity to discuss different issues.

Al Nasir Khusruew Youth Association Lahore Special magical show was arranged for the kids. The kids also presented poems and skits and got appreciation by the gathering.


Al Nasir Khusruw Youth Association arranges such programs annually and it getting popular among the Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan people residing in Lahore.
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