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A view about the current situation of the elections in Hunza

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[author image=”” ]Heena Alam Student of Communication & Media Studies.[/author]

The elections in Hunza are grabbing more and more passionate day by day. People of Hunza are eagerly waiting for their new leader and not only waiting even supporting their choice with their manifestation.  It is believed that the results of the upcoming elections in Hunza will base on of blood-relations and tribal supports. As popularity of Hunza’s culture and hospitality, are the major reasons that today Hunza is considered as the most peaceful place of the world. The common believes the sharing of emotions and respect of the humanity is the basic law or rule of Hunzais. As the moral support is in the blood of Hunzais then in one way or other only the majority will win. And if so then it means that the majority are in the favour of the candidate. He will be working in future for the majority of Hunza. If we are talking about democracy, again it appeals that the government is by the people. If the candidate is supported by the majority tribes, that’s the democracy. It’s their choice by will. Now it’s up to him that to what extend he justifies his position and his loyalty towards his dear homeland.

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