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A delegation of Hunza Development Movement and members of Attabad affectees committee call on the Chinese ambassador in Islamabad.

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A delegation of Hunza Development Movement led by Raja Shahbaz Chairman Hunza Development Movement and representatives of Atta Abad disaster affectees including Mr. Jaffar and Afsar Jan has met with the ambassador of China here in Islamabad this week. The delegation has successfully secured the followings agenda items agreed with the Chinese embassy;
1. Extension of Electricity supply from China to Hunza and Gilgit
2. Allocation of three PhD scholarships for Hunza youth, deserving candidates are requested to contact advisory group of HDM including Izhar Hunzai, Hoor Shah and Babar.
3. Relief assistance for at att Abad affectees will be given to 25000 people for FY 2015
4. Establishment of technical college
5. Approximately 10000 tourists will visit Hunza and Skardu from those 200,000 visiting Khunjerab
6. Sanction of 50 technical jobs from attabad Hunza to Khunjerab
7. Special visa relaxation will be given to people of Gilgit-Baltistan

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