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34 hashish-selling tribesmen released by militants

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34 tribesmen were released on Sunday by militants who abducted them from Khyber Agency’s Tirah Valley, a private news channel reported.

HunzaNews April 14,2014

According to sources, the militants had kidnapped 40 tribesmen on Saturday from a grand trade fair (mela) of opium and hashish in Haider Kando area of the Tirah Valley.

Hundreds of kilograms of cannabis and hashish was also taken away by the kidnappers.

34 of the abducted were released while six still remain in the custody of militants.
Three local government officials told a foreign news agency that the gunmen had initially taken around 100 villagers from the gathering.
The officials all asked to remain anonymous because negotiations for the men’s release were ongoing.

According to another official, law-enforcement agencies were conducting a s

earch operation in the area for the safe recovery of those kidnapped.


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