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Vice chairmean of Pak China Sost Dry Port Co. Zaffar Iqbal attacked by Chinese citizens

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Sost Gojal, July 5 : Newly appointed  Vice chairmen of Pak China Sost Dry Port Co. Zaffar Iqbal beaten by  Chinese employees few hours after taking his charge.

Last month the Supreme Appellete court of Gilgit Baltistan issued an order to the Joint venture Company (Sino Trans Co. a Chinese company and Silk Route Dry Port Trust) to confer charge to Zaffar iqbal and advised the administration of Gilgit Baltistan to assist them in this regards.

Whereas the Chinese management has denied to accept the court order and said charge with be given to Zaffar Iqbal in board meeting to be held in Uramchi China by the end of this year.

Today morning Speaker GBLA Wazir Baig along with Magistrate Chief Court GB and registrar visit Sost Port.

As per the court order Zaffar Iqbal took his charge in presence of Speaker GBLA, Magistrate, registrar and other officials.

At around 2:00pm seven Chinese people including MD, DMD, Manager ware house, manager admin and the drivers entered the office of Zaffar Iqbal and attacked him with Knife while he was busy with a meeting with the directors of Silk Route Dry port Trust.

Zaffar got miniature injury on his chest and neck.  They were abusing Pakistani and repeatedly shout “Bloody Pakistani”.

Meanwhile SHO Sost has refused to launch FIR against the Chinese.


DC and SP Hunza-Nagar have reached Sost, while Chief Secretary is on the way to Sost.
Share holders of the trustee and local people have showed anger over this incident and are protesting out site the Sost Dry port building. The protesters are demanding to launch FIR and take action against the Chinese employees involved in the incident and they were also demanding to cancel the agreements with Sino Trans Co.

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