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Strategising polls: PTI leadership unveils manifesto for G-B elections

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GILGIT: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership in Gilgit-Baltistan has unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming elections in the region.

HunzaNews, March 29th, 2015.

Speaking at a news conference in Gilgit on Saturday, party leaders vowed to secure internal autonomy for the region if voted to power.

PTI leaders Hashmatullah and Izhar Hunzai termed the manifesto a revolutionary step, which if implemented, would bring a positive change in the region.

“Our party is committed to ensuring internal autonomy for G-B under a provisional provincial status,” said Hunzai. “This is the first time local party representatives have drafted a separate manifesto for the region.”

The PTI leader also drew attention to the importance of ensuring autonomy in the region.

“Complete autonomy can be achieved by raising the status of G-B Assembly,” he said. “Moreover, we must fight for our cultural freedom and claim ownership of natural resources and the region’s 20% share in the proposed Pakistan-China Economic Corridor project which will pass through G-B.”

Blame game

During the conference, Hashmatullah accused Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz of pre-poll rigging, saying the party is using a variety of tactics to ‘buy’ votes.

“PML-N leader and chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme Marvi Memon is distributing BISP cards to ‘buy’ voters,” he alleged.

Although Hashmatullah assured this strategy would not work, he said the threat of pre-poll rigging remains imminent.

“There are indicators PML-N is going to rig G-B polls,” he claimed. “If elections in the region are rigged, we will launch a countrywide protest against the government.”

According to the PTI leader, the party has lost faith in the caretaker government and the election commission.

“As a result, we want the polls to be conducted under army supervision to ensure they are free and fair,” he added.

Hunzai said PTI would invite international observers to scrutinise the electoral process to prevent malpractice.

Earlier this month, PTI chief Imran Khan had hurled serious allegations against the federal government for allegedly trying to rig the upcoming elections in the region. He also criticised the government’s decision to appoint the federal minister of Kashmir affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan as G-B governor.

Legislative elections in G-B will be held on June 8.



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