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Shamim Bano & Gulzadi: Successful Woman Entrepreneurs of Hunza

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With sheer strength of mind and hard work, there are women in Gilgit- Baltistan who have remarkable successes in diverse fields. Shamim Ara and Gulzadi belongs to Karimnabad Hunza are one of them who are now a successful entrepreneurs of Hunza.

Shamim Ara & Gulzadi from the district of Hunza-Nagar is one such example who in very young ages became successful business entrepreneurs. Shamim and Gulzadi described their journey with Mountain TV from a humble beginning to become the owner of a highly successful brand. Karakoram area development organization (KADO) is training them through I.T for entrepreneurs program in using information technology to increase advantage to their business.

Shamim and Gulzadi started their business of making local bread called “Arzuq”. Basically this food item was introduced by the Balti folks who moved to Hunza. The ingredients which are used in making Arzuq are of flour, eggs, butter and milk. Arzoq is cooked in oil. Due to the rich ingredients and taste people more prefer to have Arzuq for breakfast.


Now Shamim and Gulzadi have given name to their business “Deep Shop”. Deep shop is now one of the famous shops of Arzuq bread supplying of Karimabad Hunza. They hope that the sale of their product is increasing day by day.

On average these females were earning not that much on monthly basis. With having better quality Arzuq supplying at a reasonable price and now these women entrepreneurs are earning is been better. This is a story of females from a small village.

The story of Shamim and Gulzadi tells that how Gilgit-Baltistan is changing and how more and more women entrepreneurship is getting its roots firm in the region.

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