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Milky Way Education Express Session at Higher Secondary School Gahkuch

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Milky Way Education Express Session at Higher Secondary School Gahkuch .

HunzaNews, Aug 17,2014

Opportunities lead us towards future; an opportunity when cashed at the right time takes us to a prosperous side while if missed, the agony and guilt remains forever in life. The students of Gilgit Baltistan are very bright and can compete with other students of the world, which is proved by the 4 students (3 girls and 1 boy) including one of Milky Way scholar, who are recently selected for United World Colleges in different parts of the world including Canada, Hong Kong, United states and United Kingdom on 100% scholarship for doing International Baccalaureate (IB); the top intermediate degree offered in the world. This opportunity was introduce to the students of Gilgit Baltistan for the first time and we have seen the results. In the same way if we spread awareness about different academic and nonacademic opportunities among the students in GB, we can expect fruitful outcomes in the form of higher Carrier oriented university enrollments and hunting of opportunities that our youth is unaware of. This will further multiply the effect in the coming year for other youth hunting for these opportunities. Khalid Hussein giving presentation to the students

Khalid Hussein giving presentation to the students.  

Milky Way is supporting over 100 students in GB and Chitral regions to continue their studies by offering talented and needy students’ scholarships on merit cum need base. While interviewing over 200 students for the scholarship hunt in 2013 Team Milky Way came to know about many problems faced by the students of GB. The major problems were lack of vision, carrier counseling, information about opportunities and self-confidence. Milky Way decided, supporting students by financing their studies is not just enough as there is a new window of opportunities yet to be opened by spreading awareness in order to deal the problems mentioned and benefit as large number of students as possible. Taslim giving presentation to the students

Taslim giving presentation to the students  

Milky Way appointed University Ambassadors in almost all the universities of the country to deal this aspect of forming an aware youth. These ambassadors are university students of Gilgit Baltistan in different institutes of the country enrolled in diverse fields ranging from social science, science, engineering, medical and management sciences. Each ambassador was assigned the task to make a presentation of all the details regarding admission procedure, scholarships and other opportunities in his/her university. These presentations are now given to the students of GB in different schools and colleges in a campaign “Milky Way Education Express” Khalid with milky way scholars.

Khalid with milky way scholars.  

 The first session of the campaign held at the Higher Secondary School Gahkuch in District Ghizer of Gilgit Baltistan. The session is conducted by our University Ambassadors Khalid Hussein and Taslim Murad from Bahria and FAST University Islamabad respectively. They informed a large number of students about the admission procedures and opportunities at their respective universities in particular and about other universities in general. They guided the students about ways the can get admissions and many dos and don’ts in the process. The students asked many questions about carrier counseling and their future academic goals. At the end of the session students also discussed their problems and doubts individually from our ambassadors. They also had a session with Milky Way scholars studying in the school and guide them to take maximum benefit from the opportunity. Khalid informing the students about scholarship opportunities.

Khalid informing the students about scholarship opportunities.  

The school administration thanked the ambassadors and praised their volunteerism. The students found the session very informative and timely as now they can set targets and work hard to achieve them. Milky Way will conduct similar sessions in other schools and colleges of GB and Chitral in its “Education Express” to provide guidance to the students to show them the doors of opportunity well before time so as they could be well prepared and maximize their chances for hunting many opportunities waiting for them.


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